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Fruit, fruitful, and fruitfulness

Fruit, fruitful, and fruitfulness. These words are familiar to Christian communities and in the Christian life. What are some Scriptures that come to your mind when you hear these words? The word “fruit” is used 210 times in Scriptures. Of those 210 uses, 43 are spoken by Jesus. “Fruitful” is […]

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Knowledge, Beliefs, Skills

If you could use only three words to guide you in conceptualizing the process of developing the whole person as a disciple of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission, what would those three words be? What does every disciple need to ____, ____, and _____  to fulfill the Great Commission? Grow2Serve’s mission […]

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What do you mean by… transformative learning?

We have shared with you way more than you’d probably ever want to know about Grow2Serve on this page.  I do realize that some of you, who are perfectionists and detail freaks (like me) will pour over every entry and possibly every word we’ve used explaining our vision, mission, values, […]

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Feels like Christmas – Launch Day for

Welcome to the brand new Great Commission Learning Network website.  Today, our launch day for this project, is a big one for me.  Today feels like Christmas for me.  Lots of presents just waiting to be opened.  Lots of great things inside that simply need to be unwrapped.  Surprises.  […]

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Missionaries and ministers

Is every Christian a missionary? This question seems to cause some discomfort and disunity in the church. We should never use labels to detract from or remove biblical concepts. Linguistically, the term “missionary” means “sent one”. It is an extra-biblical word coined to label biblical concepts. I’ll briefly state the conventional and […]