One God One Message Part 1 – Facing the Obstacles

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One God One Message Part 1 – Facing the Obstacles written by P.D. Bramsen is an 8 part series to create a complete book which can be found on Amazon or at other bookstore locations. This book is an epic journey through the Bible, interspersed with thought-provoking e-mail excerpts from Muslims, combine to help truth-seekers, Muslims, skeptics, and confused Christians overcome countless obstacles and come into a clear and passionate understanding of the most captivating story and message ever told.

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Comments from readers of One God One Message: Premed grad: “The e-mails assure the reader that the author is not shying away from difficult topics and questions; they intrigue and propel the reader from chapter to chapter.” Lebanese Journalist: “Starting with Genesis reveals a unity in the Bible’s message which is very compelling. The way you describe eternity with God is amazing.” Muslim: “I’m impressed! … I am really learning… I am cheered up by your stories.” Christian: “I have been encouraged, challenged and changed. This book is not just for Muslims and skeptics. It is for Christians who need to know why they believe what they believe!”


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