Strengthening Your Church

Online Course - Individual
  • Approximate Time Commitment: 2 hours

Local churches need a clear vision statement so that they can grow stronger and can have significant impact on its community for the Glory of God. This course bundle by Multiplication Network Ministries will provide an overview of some of the key issues in church growth and development.

This course bundle is based on the ‘Strengthening Your Church Workshop’ offered by Multiplication Network Ministries, and has been expanded into a book and an online survey called, ‘Take Your Church’s Pulse: 10 Vital Signs of a Healthy Church’.

After overviewing some of the key issues in church growth and development, you will be introduced to ten key areas to care for in the life and mission of a local congregation. This consists of five key commitments and five key functions. It also invites participants to see the church as a system, empowered by the Spirit, which can have a significant impact on its community for the Glory of God.

The intended audience for the course is any pastor, leader, or church member who is interested in having healthy conversations with others to strengthen his or her community of faith, even before church planting starts.

It is our prayer that your faith community might find joy and purpose in working through this content by having vigorous conversations that lead to meaningful change and healthy congregations.

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Resource Description


Going Deeper

To go deeper into each of the 10 key areas you can download the book from the course, and access the church health diagnostic tool and apply it to your setting. Thousands of pastors and leaders around the world have found this framework helpful in organizing the ministry and mission of the local church. The book and the free diagnostic tool it presents are most useful if accompanied by a robust engagement in conversations.

Some suggested ways in which you can use the book:

  • Use it in small group study or discussion
  • Read it to consider the Take Your Church’s Pulse (TYCP) survey for your congregation
  • Use it to start a strategic planning process* using the TYCP tools

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