Sustainable Poultry School

Classroom Event
  • Length: 5 days

In 2019, Equip is honored to host our sixth Sustainable Poultry School. We are excited to partner with the Sustainable Poultry Network USA and the Global Poultry Initiative.

This comprehensive, week-long educational experience is for anyone interested in raising, breeding, hatching, marketing, cooking, exhibiting and preserving standard bred poultry. The breeder, farmer, consumer, chef and fancier would all benefit greatly from this forty plus hours of education. The week will include the nation’s top poultry specialists, live bird demonstrations and visits to local, sustainable model farms.

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Limited to 25 participants. On-Site housing available for 18 participants.

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Our strategy involves these 5 foundational pillars: breeding, growing, feeds & feeding, processing and marketing. The week will begin with clarifying instruction of what defines standard bred poultry. Learn the basics of how to identify domestic breeds of chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. You’ll learn the rich historical meaning of why certain breeds of poultry were established and what their original intent was when they were developed.

Want an introduction to raising chickens before attending our course? We also offer Raising Chickens 101, a 5 part online video series which will prepare you to begin raising chickens and producing meat and/or eggs. For more info, click here.

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