40 Biblical Principles for Parenting

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Are you past the fun and now into the challenges of parenting third culture children? Understanding the life of a Third Culture Kid can be difficult.  This article is one element from the Grow2Serve online course Parenting Third Culture Kids. This course is for parents who have lived and ministered in a culture new and unfamiliar and who are committed to fully placing themselves into God’s hands for the sake of effective cross-cultural Gospel ministry. If you are currently engaged in cross-cultural ministry and are committed to living and serving well as a family in your context, this would be a good course for you.

Parenting Third Culture Kids will afford you the opportunity to explore some interesting information regarding the development of your parenting knowledge, perspectives, and skills while living and serving cross-culturally. But, more importantly, it also will connect you with fellow learners who are in a similar life stage.

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40 Biblical Principles For Parenting

Good parenting of third culture kids begins with good parenting as a Christian parent. That said, it is surprising difficult to honestly answer the question “What does the Bible teach about parenting?” The Bible simply does not provide much direct instruction for parenting. There are many good and bad examples of parenting in Scripture. But in many cases the good or bad principles are not directly expressed and must be implied from a narrative event or a reference to parenting in comparison to some other interpersonal relationship.

A sister in Christ, Marissa Henley, has done some work for us in compiling a list of “40 Biblical Principles for Parenting.” She has grouped her list into 4 categories:

  • General Biblical Principles for Parenting
  • Biblical Principles for Discipline
  • Principles for How We Should Relate to our Children
  • Principles for Our Personal Spiritual Growth

There are three types of principles included in this list:

  1. Direct instructions on how to parent
  2. General principles on interpersonal relations that apply to parenting
  3. Parenting practices from the context of the Biblical times that are affirmed as good

Read Marissa’s list and reflect on what may be new to you or in need of reminding.


If you prefer a PDF document with the text of all the Scriptures already included, use this: 40 Principles for Parenting.


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