Velvet Ashes

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We are an online community of women serving overseas.

We are a unique tribe, bonded by the shared journey of uprooting our lives and re-rooting in foreign soil.

We know the pain of goodbyes, the upheaval of change, the redefining of self.

We know the extremes of our lives that leave our hearts raw and weary.

And in all of this we know the deep longing of our souls to be known and to know we are not alone.

We are made for community, deep and rich.

We are wired for relationship with women, women we can laugh and cry with, women who can whisper into our dark places and say, “I know.”

And who can do this but those who have lived it, those who are journeying through the same kind of story?

Velvet Ashes is here to connect the hearts of women who are separated by geography but bound together by the life of serving overseas.

Velvet Ashes is a place for us to gather, to belong.

It’s a place to crack open our hearts and let the stories flow.

It’s a place to be mentored by the lives of those who have learned to thrive in this life. Wisdom and hope in heaping helpings.

It’s a place where we can link arms with one another and grab hold of the promise of Him who said, “I will give you a full life in the {seemingly} emptiest of places.” (Isaiah 58:11)

This is Velvet Ashes.

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