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In a recent survey, 62% of cross-cultural workers reported a high tension between tending to their soul (being) and the work that they do (doing). In response to this tension, Global Trellis was formed. Like a garden trellis, Global Trellis exists to support you where you are, allowing you to flourish and grow further than you could on your own.


Too many cross-cultural workers become unnecessarily worn out on the field. What if exhaustion, creeping bitterness, and stagnant personal skills were replaced with refreshment, contentment, and growth?


This can be your reality.


Global Trellis helps in three ways


  1. Monthly workshops


No travel time, no need to wait. You have access to training, support, and empowerment at your fingertips. A new workshop is added at the beginning of every month. For a small fee you can learn from experts from the comfort of your own home. Once purchased, the workshop is added your personal portfolio and you can revisit any time. You can also browse through the growing list and participate in more than just this month’s workshop. Purchase this month’s here.


  1. Articles

To foster refreshment, contentment, and growth as a steady trip, enter the Tuesday and Thursday articles. Tuesdays are called Soul Tending Tuesdays; every Tuesday you will receive an invitation, insight, spiritual practice, or suggestion that will allow you to tend your soul as a cross-cultural worker. Thursdays are Skill Building Thursdays and you be offered tips, insights, and suggestions to help you personally and professionally develop. You can receive the articles here.

  1. Quarterly Challenges

Every quarter you can join in a free challenge designed to keep you “Some day!” List short. Currently I’m writing a seven-day challenge designed to help with Newsletter List Maintenance because I’ve been meaning to do it forever! Join others this month when the challenge goes live and for seven days in a row you will receive a short email with the task for the day. You will also have the opportunity to connect with other going through the challenge and share how you did with that day’s part of the challenge. You can be notified of the next challenge here.

Grow and flourish where you are


Global Trellis also has a robust library that contains resources for those who are doing well and those who need to find help where you are. In the “book” section of the library you will find a book lovers dream: books to peruse! Currently there are five categories—leadership, cross-cultural, relationships, faith, and personal development—with over 100 books cataloged.


You need a place for your soul to be breath, your head to be engaged, and your heart to stay tender. You need Global Trellis.

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