Evangelical Missions Quarterly: Volume 49 Issue 1


The Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ) is a professional journal serving the worldwide missions community and is the newest resource of Missio Nexus. This is Volume 49 issue 1 of the Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ) released January 2013.


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A Second Look: Time to Reboot Agency/Church Relations? By Gary Corwin

In the 20/30 Gap: Opening Ourselves to New Movements, Voices, and Opportunities By Roy Eyre

Voices in the Local Church: Confessions of a Recovering Mission Snob By Don Everts

Excellence in Missions: Best Practices from Missio Nexus: Ten Mistakes Church Planters Can Make By Robert J. Vajko


Patronage, Exemption, and Institutional Policy By Perry W. H. Shaw

Rule of Law emphasizes truth; patronage emphasizes grace. Only through a balance between the two can the life of Christ be modeled for emerging leaders in our care.

Using Local Proverbs in Ministry By Peter Unseth

Why we should use local proverbs in ministry and ways that they can be effectively utilized.

How Much Syncretism Is Allowed? By Lynn D. Shmidt

As mediators of the gospel, we need to critically assess syncretistic/contextual questions in the Church.

Heart Language, Heart Worship By Eleonora Scott

God has used heart language to encourage worship in one context. Scott offers principles for those seeking to begin the process.

In Search of Community: Islam, Christianity, and MMBs in the Middle By Roland Muller

Learn how one community center is bridging the Christian-Muslim divide.

Symposium on Persecution By J. Keith Bateman. Responses by Patrick Sookhdeo, Carl Moeller, Nik Ripken, and Alex Toorman

Can we put parameters around what we call religious persecution? Five leaders speak out.

Transformational Development: Lessons from Central Asia By VZ

A case study of how small and medium enterprises are positively impacting local communities.

That’s Not Fatigue. Dealing with Unresolved Grief By Frederick Jansohn

When grief goes unresolved, it will eventually deplete our resources until we can no longer function properly. The author shares steps toward renewal.

Church Planting in a Week: Implications for Long-term Ministry—Bolivia, a Case Study By Michael Chung with Enzo Saavedra and Mike Jorgensen

One trip changes the way the author sees short-term ministry. The key to effectiveness, he says, lies in three basic ideas.

Measuring Levels of Restriction and Risk and Determining Appropriate Strategies By Carlos Diaz

As levels of restrictions on Christians increased, God gave wisdom to continue being a strong witness. Three factors played a significant role.

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