Evangelical Missions Quarterly: Volume 50 Issue 1


The Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ) is a professional journal serving the worldwide missions community and is the newest resource of Missio Nexus. This is Volume 50 issue 1 of EMQ released January 2014. This topic for this EMQ is A Japanese Gospel Message


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Perspectives: The Not-So-Good Method of Church Planting By Roland Muller

A Second Look: What Are We to Do? A Question of Self-defense By Gary Corwin

In the 20/30 Gap: Closing the Rift: Addressing Common Mission Misconceptions By Daniel J. Lim

Voices in the Local Church: A Passion for Souls: Our Continued Journey Global Missions By Verdell Goulding

Excellence in Missions: How Big is Our Bible? Confidence in the Bible for Missional Leadership By Grant McClung

Book Reviews


Memorization and Maturation: An Experiment in Leadership Formation in Mozambique By Alan Howell

Memorization may very well provide a significant tool for discipleship; one that missionaries have not utilized very well.

Good Decisions Need a Godly Process: Acts 15 as Our Guide By Daniel Bacon

Six principles for discerning God’s direction drawn from Acts 15.

A Japanese Gospel Message By Paul Sadler

Framing the gospel message in a way that makes sense to a Japanese audience is critical in communicating Christ in Japan.

Suffering and the Widows of Kitula Village (Kenya) By Michèle Miller Sigg

Suffering can play a significant role in the development of faith despite the pain that sufferers must endure seen in the way that the widows of Kitula (Kenya) look to Jesus as their kinsman-defender.

The Priority of Leadership Training in Global Mission By Jeffrey P. Greenman and Gene L. Green

The Western church can contribute to the health of the whole body of Christ through the wise support of theological education in the Majority World.

Resourcing Majority World Seminaries: A Case Study from Indonesia By Michael Chung, with Harry Sudarma

There are many ways to help seminaries in the Majority World develop, including providing academic expertise, appropriate literature resources, and financial support.

Powerful Influences and Dangers of Money in Missions By Marv Newell

Money is both influential and powerful; it can be used strategically for the benefit of God’s kingdom or detrimentally through creating paternalistic dependence.

For Those Involved in the Insider Movement Debate Perspective from Church History and Scripture By Tom Hale

Perspectives from history offer potential ways forward in the ongoing debate about Insider Movements.

Missionaries and Deployed Military: A Match Made in Heaven? By S. Daniel Smith

Perspectives from one serving in the military on ways that missions might benefit from taking advantage of the opportunities military volunteers can provide.

“He Really Cares about Us” A Personal Type of Leadership By Lew Rinard

George Verwer cared deeply about those serving under his leadership; a lasting impact from his leadership style was the enablement of those he led to grow and develop their gifts as leaders following Christ.

The Trust Factor in Multicultural Teams By Eric Plantenga

Building and maintaining trust is an essential—though often difficult—component of building healthy international teams.

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