Evangelical Missions Quarterly: Volume 51 Issue 4


The Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ) is a professional journal serving the worldwide missions community and is the newest resource of Missio Nexus. This is Volume 51 issue 4 of EMQ released October 2015.


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Resource Description

Table of Contents:


A Second Look: Reaching and Reconciling By Gary Corwin

Voices in the Local Church: Perched on the Shoulders of Giants: Building Legacy for the Sake of Mission By Matt Erickson

Excellence in Missions: Four Ways to Improve Field Staff Retention By James Nelson

Orality in Missions: Transition: The Key to Storytelling By Paul Trinh

Book Reviews


The C-1-C6 Spectrum after Fifteen Years: Misunderstandings, Limitations, and Recommendations By John Jay Travis

The W-Spectrum: Worker Paradigms in Muslim Contexts By Warrick Farah and Kyle Meeker

Modes of Mission in New and Established Churches By Ed Stetzer

Learning to “Read the Air”: Three Ways to Improve Communication in Cultures Where Silence Is Golden By Paul Sadler

Is English a Blessing or a Curse in Missions? By Paul Switz and Michael Lessard-Clouston

Let’s Leave Shahada to Real Muslims By Fred Farrokh, with response from Kevin Higgins

How Teams Work: A Case Study in Senegal, West Africa By Richard G. Lewis

Celebrating Donald A. McGavran: A Life & Legacy By Gary L. McIntosh

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