Evangelical Missions Quarterly: Volume 52 Issue 2


The Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ) is a professional journal serving the worldwide missions community and is the newest resource of Missio Nexus. This is Volume 52 issue 2 of EMQ released April 2016.

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Table of Contents:


A Second Look: Worthy Risk By Gary Corwin

Orality in Mission: The Future of the Orality Movement and the International Orality Network By David Swarr

Book Reviews


Doing Incarnational Business as Mission: A Case Study in India By Min-Dong Paul Lee, Winnie Fung, and Joey Fung

Four Qualities of a Good Translation and the Divine Familial Terms Controversy By Steve Doty

God, the Bible, Technology, and Missions By Eric M. Straw

Unsung Heroes Countless Christians are serving faithfully around the world, and in this issue we want to honor just seventeen of them for their faithfulness in ministry.

Symposium: Has the Use of Orality Been Taken Too Far? By Wes Seng, with responses by Jackson Wu, Jerry Wiles, Paul Trinh, and Billy Coppedge

Mobilizing New Missionaries By Richard and Evelyn Hibbert, with Tim Silberman

What Kind of Leaders Reproduce Churches? By John Wm. Mehn

Missional Living on a Global Scale: A Case for Sister Church Partnerships By Randy Schmor

Visible Means of Support: A Clarion Call from a Donor to a Missionary By Rob Veerman

The Need for Reciprocal Contextual Collaboration in Europe By Samuel Cueva

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