Evangelical Missions Quarterly: Volume 53 Issue 1


The Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ) is a professional journal serving the worldwide missions community and is the newest resource of Missio Nexus. This is Volume 53 issue 1 of EMQ released January 2017.


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Table of Contents:


A Second Look: The Integrity Challenge, Gary Corwin

Orality in Missions: Applications of the Orality Discussion, Chuck Madinger

NEW! Diaspora and Missions: A Diaspora Mission Strategy for Local Churches Sadiri, Joy Tira


Collegial Leadership among 1st and 2nd Generation Chinese Leaders, Craig A. Smith

Can We Measure Dependency? Miles Jarvis

A South-to-South Mission Force, Pierre Rosa

Theological Education in Nepal, Hansung Kim

The Untapped Training Potential of Support-Raising, Heather Ricks

Hermeneutics for Healthy Churches, Will Brooks

Songs of Life: Music, Mission, and Medicine, Megan Meyers

The Fallacy of World Religions: A View from Africa, Jim Harries


Apostolic Church Planting: Birthing New Churches from New Believers

Becoming Native to Win the Natives: Cross-culturally Becoming All Things to All Men

Global Gospel: An Introduction to Christianity on Five Continents, by Douglas Jacobsen

His Grace Is Sufficient: Bible Translation with the Tunebo of Colombia

Challenging Islamic Traditions: Searching Questions about the Hadith from a Christian Perspective

Engaging Islamic Traditions: Using the Hadith in Christian Ministry Muslims

Donald A. McGavran: A Biography of the Twentieth Century’s Premier Missiologist

Pioneering Movements: Leadership That Multiplies Disciples and Churches

Seeking the Unseen: Spiritual Realities in the Buddhist World

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