Facing Danger: A Guide Through Risk

  • Partner: Barnabas International

Facing Danger guides cross-cultural workers through a biblical discussion on risk, providing a spiritual and practical framework for working through cross-cultural risk assessment and management.

Partner: Barnabas International

Resource Description

In this book
Anna E. Hampton discusses:

  • Four connections related to risk between the Old and New Testaments.
  • Essential elements of cross-cultural risk assessment and management.
  • Balancing the tension between the leading of the Holy Spirit, wise stewardship, and God’s invitation to risk.
  • Twelve risk myths often repeated to those who have a cross-cultural calling.
  • A guide to writing a personal conviction on cross-cultural risk.
  • Working through a systematic action plan on risk that integrates spirituality, faith, emotions, stewardship, and practical danger assessment.

After living for almost a decade in the high-risk and dangerous environment of Afghanistan, Facing Danger works through how Anna attempted to raise her children without emotional and long-term trauma while simultaneously living out her calling to partner in a divine endeavor in a hostile culture. This is the real world where a biblical understanding of risk must work.


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