Foster Movement – Episode 11: The Power of Promises and Permanency

  • Approximate Time Commitment: 30 minutes
  • Partner: Christian Alliance for Orphans

This episode has a few fun elements to it! First, Jaimie Lynn Moore, a former foster youth, and her mom share the story of Jaimie’s unique adoption at age 19. Then, you will listen to Jaimie’s interview from CAFO’s 2018 Summit. As Jaimie bravely shares her story in front of a live audience, you will hear some of the traumatic things she experienced before and during foster care, and what aging out of the foster care system was like for her. Jaimie is honest about the fear of constant displacement she began to carry with her and her distrust of people’s promises. She shares the insight she’s gained since and how some of her life shifted after her adoption.

Then, we are joined by Dr. Sharen Ford. Dr. Ford brings her years of experience in foster care to the interview as she explains the importance of promises and consistent, permanent influences in the lives of foster youth. She helps us to understand not only why these influences are important, but a few ways to establish these relationships with foster youth. Dr. Ford also emphasizes how vital it is to seek God’s leading and wisdom when engaging with foster youth.

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Partner: Christian Alliance for Orphans

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