Foster Movement – Episode 14: Where the Foster Journey Begins

  • Approximate Time Commitment: 45 minutes
  • Partner: Christian Alliance for Orphans

Calli Crowder entered foster care at the age of thirteen along with her three sisters. Calli shares why she was placed in care, her relationship with her mother and with her foster parents, and the events that shaped her time in the system. Having experienced injustice, Calli now uses her voice and her story to advocate for justice for kids in foster care. We hear what Calli does now and how she has experienced God throughout her life.

Then, to kick-off our Foster Journey series, Jason Johnson, foster and adoptive dad and the Director of the National Church Ministry Initiative for CAFO, joins us to discuss where the Foster Journey begins. He addresses our hearts, our relationships, and the first steps in the foster care journey. Jason provides both great theology and practical advice for anyone just beginning to consider foster care for the first time.

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Partner: Christian Alliance for Orphans

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