Fruitful Practices #5- Build a Good Reputation

  • Approximate Time Commitment: 10 minutes
  • Partner: SEND International

More than any other time in history, we are seeing God move in various regions all across the Muslim world. Research has shown that common threads can be traced through various stories of successful church plants in Muslim fields. As we want to see more churches successfully planted, we want to learn from these consistent threads or “fruitful practices.” In the quarterly SEND Hope and Light E-newsletter, we will be introducing eight fruitful practice themes. The fifth theme is Building a Good Reputation. To read more Fruitful Practices

Partner: SEND International

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The practices highlighted in these articles are not a guarantee of success, but rather, a description of common characteristics and methods found among effective Muslim ministry teams.

The fifth fruitful practice in our series is to “build a good reputation.”

From the moment Kingdom workers arrive in their new community, they have already started building a reputation. “Now wait,” you might say, “My reputation only really begins forming when I start engaging my Muslim neighbors in real conversation.” Actually, your reputation is born long before you can speak the local language or relate culturally. Whether or not you realize, people are watching and observing from the moment you arrive in their community. 

Kingdom workers are evaluated by the size and quantity of their suitcases when they arrive. They are evaluated by the way they discipline their children. Women, of every age, are evaluated by the clothes they wear in public. The type of vehicle they drive, the place they choose to live, the furniture they put in their houses, the amount of garbage they throw away each week – all these things influence reputations. This may seem unfair. Nonetheless, as representatives of Christ, we need to acknowledge this reality and choose carefully how we live from the very beginning.


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