Fruitful Practices #7 and #8 – Intentional Reproduction and Courageous Witness

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More than any other time in history, we are seeing God move in various regions all across the Muslim world. Research has shown that common threads can be traced through various stories of successful church plants in Muslim fields. As we want to see more churches successfully planted, we want to learn from these consistent threads or “fruitful practices.” In the quarterly SEND Hope and Light E-newsletter, we will be introducing eight fruitful practice themes. The seventh and eighth themes are Intentional Reproduction and Courageous Witness. To read more Fruitful Practices

Partner: SEND International

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In the past two years, we have been looking at “Fruitful Practices” in ministry to Muslims. These approaches have been gathered by people researching successful church planting among Muslims over many years. It was an interagency collaboration, not the work of any one individual or organization. The goal was to find things that were working well and then share those ideas or themes widely with other agencies and individuals working with Muslims. We hope they have been a blessing to you.

Intentional Reproduction

It is wonderful when someone you are sharing with comes to Christ, especially someone from the Muslim world. And while we treasure these new believers and want to work with them to help them become as strong in the faith as possible, we need to be careful not to shelter and coddle them as they grow. When you work in a dangerous location or with a difficult people group like Muslims, there is a temptation to be overly cautious — not only with yourself, but with new believers, too.

In whatever setting we feel called to use to reach Muslims — community development, emergency relief, education, medical work, etc. — it is important that we find ways to intentionally share Christ. In some settings we will have more freedom than others, but in all settings we must find ways to be intentional in living out and sharing our faith. This calls for sensitivity and understanding, but it is not enough to just live a good life among Muslims. We need to share the Good News verbally as well. This is true for cross-cultural Christian workers and for those who come to faith in that setting.

When we went out to the mission field and finally began working with Muslims who came to faith, knowing the Muslim world to be a dangerous place for new Christians, we felt we had to prepare them to be the best Christians possible before they shared with others and the heat got turned up on them. We didn’t just share Bible verses with them, we tried to share deep theological concepts, centuries of detailed church history, and on and on.


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