Gospel Foundations

Online Course - Group
  • Approximate Time Commitment: 30 hours
  • Length: 6 weeks

As missionaries, we are committed to seeing the gospel taken to the whole world. It is fitting then, that the gospel should be not just the message we proclaim, but the message that we live out of each day. How can we effectively preach a gospel that we have not thoroughly embraced and do not rely on?  The objective of Gospel Foundations is to help people understand and experience the ongoing application of the Gospel leading to renewal, ongoing transformation, mission, and worship.

Throughout this course, as you read and study the scriptures, complete worksheets, reflect on the questions, and interact with others, ask yourself one underlying question: How can I really comprehend and live out of the Gospel? Our prayer for you is that you will get a hold of the good news of the gospel – and, that the good news of the gospel will get a hold of you!

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Partner: World Team


Resource Description

     One of the core World Team values we rally around is the centrality of the gospel for our sanctification. Gospel Foundations (GF) is an online learning course where we delve further into sanctifying gospel themes. The gospel is not only the message we proclaim, but the message we need to live from each day. We will be looking at some of the core benefits of the gospel as resources for dealing with challenges that missionaries, and all believers, face.

Prerequisites & Expectations:
• This course is designed to be used with World Team appointees who have completed RACE and
also members in their first year of assignment.
• Expect this to take you around 4-6 hours a week.
• There will be some scheduled web conferences, but most of the course can be on your own time
• There will be weekly assignments submitted and 3 weekly discussion posts required.

Course Structure
Gospel Foundations includes six weekly lessons. Lessons are divided up into subsections. A
subsection may include an article for reading, a short video, or a downloadable worksheet and will
conclude with a reflection question, assignment, or an online forum group discussion question. There will be 3 of these online forum discussions each week, on different days. These will be labeled
according to the day of the week they are to be completed online. Each subsection will normally take 15-45 minutes to complete. Expect to spend about 4-6 hours weekly working through each lesson. If you finish a lesson earlier, you are encouraged to spend the additional time processing the material, talking to others by interacting in “forums” (online discussions), or by reading additional resource materials.



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