Living on Mission in Times of Crisis

Online Course - Group
  • Approximate Time Commitment: 10 hours
  • Length: 12 days

We are living in unprecedented times as we walk through this health and financial crisis at a global level! As the North American church we have much to learn from our global brothers and sisters who daily face hardships because of war, famine, disease and poverty. Is the Lord inviting us to consider new missional strategies in this hour?

Multiply staff and workers globally are eager to engage together with the church in considering ways we can think differently about our assignment as Christ’s ambassadors of reconciliation in the world. Even while we practice “social distancing”, can we engage in new levels of prayer and witness within our families and community?

This current crisis is an opportunity to rediscover who we are as the people of God. We invite you to join us, in living on mission, multiplying faith and not fear. While everything that can be shaken is being shaken, Christ’s unshakeable kingdom is growing! We are ambassadors of that kingdom!

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Resource Description

Living on Mission in Times of Crisis is a 12 day online course designed to address five key elements that are critical to how we move forward as spirit-led believers as opposed to those who are driven by fear, anxiety, hopelessness, etc.  While abiding by the laws of the land, we can still actively pursue faith, hope, perseverance, and listening to God, which serve to guide us in healthy ways to respond in love. Each module will encourage you to take a look at what the Gospel says by observing Jesus’ response and how He modeled these for us.  You will watch a video from a national leader who shares a personal story of their experience, learning from the global church, connecting their lives with yours. Finally, you will apply what you’ve learned to your context, inviting God to speak truth into each topic that is personal to you. You will be encouraged to be strong and bold in living out the gospel, no matter the situation. While doing this, you will connect with people around the world who are seeking the same thing as you.  Some of these people you may know, others will be new. But you will share and learn together, encouraging and strengthening each other as the church comes together to fulfill God’s call for us all to be fruitful and multiply. The course asks you to make an investment of 10-12 hours of learning time over the 12-day period.

The five core topics covered are:

  • Living by Faith not Fear
  • Hope in the Midst of Disappointment
  • Persevere in Suffering
  • Listening to God
  • Compelled by Love

Are you willing to assess your fears, disappointments, anxieties, suffering, that may be detrimental to faith, hope, perseverance, sensitivity to God’s voice and love, and begin to construct and implement a plan for inviting God into changing those things?

As a result of participating actively in the course, by the end you will have…

  • Identified what you can learn from brothers and sisters around the world on how to live on mission in times of crisis
  • Studied and applied lessons from the life of Jesus regarding the key topics of faith, hope, perseverance, listening, and love
  • Participated in an online platform as a way to develop community in a virtual setting, interacting with believers living around the world
  • Created and begun to implement practical action steps to build faith, choose hope, persevere in suffering, listen to God, and love those around you

Content, Community, Consultation, Connections

Living on Mission in Times of Crisis will afford you not just the opportunity to explore gospel truths as they relate to responding faithfully to crisis, but, just as important, it will connect you with fellow learners who are seeking to do the same. You’ll be able to help each other and learn from one another. Your course facilitator will also be a great resource for clarifying what you are learning and for providing you with input on assignments that you will complete and discussions in which you will participate.

Is this Course for Me?

Living on Mission in Times of Crisis is designed for those who have a desire to live out the gospel no matter the situation. This includes global missionaries, pastors, lay leaders, and all who desire to follow Jesus through times of significant turmoil.

Learn with those who have been there!

Multiply staff are the course creators and include Randy Friesen: President, Andy Owen: Director of Field Training, Doug Heidebrecht: Director of Global Training, Norm Nickel: Member Care & HR Facilitator, Robyn Serez: Regional Mobilizer, Saji Oommen: Director of Global Catalysts, and Derek Parenteau: Regional Leader for Indigenous Ministries.

Please note that ideally, for maximum learning impact, a learner in this course will spend 45-60 minutes daily working on the material. Some of the coursework will involve reading, writing, listening and viewing videos on the computer. Other pieces will involve interacting with other learners and engaging in your local community while practicing the skills you are learning.


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