Missionaries and Bribes


Missionaries often face situations in which bribes seem to be expected, and they are confused about to do and may feel guilty whether they pay or not. This book contains eight chapters written by Ron as well as ten appendices by other people.

The book will not tell you what to do in every situation, but in the book you will find much useful information as well as help you know what questions to ask to help you reach a decision.


Resource Description

Chapter 1 – My Odyssey

Mark (Skip) Elliott, editor of the East-West Church & Ministry Report, completed a presentation about his recent trip to Siberia and Central Asia.  Sitting around the table with others during the discussion, I was intrigued when Skip said, “Since there was so little about bribery available, I asked a few people to write articles for the East-West Report and published them.”

I missed most of the rest of the discussion because that comment sent me off on another train of thought.  I knew that many missionaries agonized over whether or not they should give bribes.  Knowing that missionaries frequently discuss it, I immediately decided to write something about missionaries and bribery.

Rather than writing in third person as usual, I am writing this beginning chapter in first person.  This chapter is a description of my journey to the position which I hold at this time.  Other people have reached different positions, and I may change my position at some time.


Minutes after reaching home, I found the three articles in the 1997 East-West Church & Ministry Report.  They have titles ranging from “Bribery: Out of the question” to “A case for bribery: Giving versus taking” (  A few minutes later I found another article, one written for short-term healthcare missions (  Although I tried several search engines and various forms of “bribe” and “missionary,” I found little else available on the Internet.  Several blogs by missionaries mentioned bribery, but I found nothing systematized, such as organizational policies or guidelines.


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