A Muslim’s Heart

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  • Approximate Time Commitment: 10 minutes

If you’re reaching out to Muslims for the first time, A Muslim’s Heart by Dr. Ed Hoskins is the perfect introduction on how to get started. It’s very short, insightful, and extremely helpful!

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Resource Description

Dr. Ed Hoskins is one of my personal heroes. I’ve met few others who are so knowledgeable about Islam while very humble and loving toward his many Muslim friends. Although he can hold his own in an academic setting, he prefers sipping tea with Muslims and connecting with them at a heart level. Whenever I meet a Christian who is interacting with Muslims for the first time, I give them a copy of this book. It’s extremely short – meaning even people who don’t like reading can be expected to finish it – while being packed with very helpful tips on how to first get started. Many Western Christians accidentally do or say things early on in a relationship with a Muslim that are offensive because they are unaware of significant cultural differences. Dr. Hoskins does an excellent job of helping the reader to understand how Muslim’s think and what shapes their worldview. He explains some of the cultural differences so that you can avoid being accidentally offensive. He also introduces several helpful principles in how you can share the gospel with a Muslim in a way that will make sense to them. Though I would certainly recommend continuing to learn beyond this book, I know of no other book that will get you going in the right direction as quickly and clearly as this one.


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