Orality Breakouts

  • Partner: International Orality Network

Orality Breakouts – Using heart language to transform hearts is all about how we can reach oral learners. This book was originally posted by the International Orality Network(ION). To read this book click the big button below.

Partner: International Orality Network

Resource Description

“The room was abuzz at the 2000 Amsterdam conference on evangelism, sponsored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Six hundred of the ten thousand participants were hard at work discussing how to finish the Great Commission in the next ten to fifteen years. We sat at Table 71. As the meeting concluded we were still hard at work when Marcus Vegh, a friend of several years, came up to me and startled me with a question that was to change my life forever. I looked up at his six-foot-three-inch frame and wide smile and felt his piercing black eyes staring through me. “How do you make disciples of oral learners?” he asked…”


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