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Perfect Trust by Charles Swindoll focuses on trusting God in life. This book review was written by Hank Griffith of South Suburban Evangelical Free Church in Apple Valley, Minnesota. This book makes a good “small gift for a new believer, an elderly person, or someone in the midst of life’s challenges.”

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Are you looking for a small gift for a new believer, an elderly person, or someone in the midst of life’s challenges? This attractive little book of 79 pages may be just what you’re looking for.

The Author

If you’ve heard a sermon by Charles Swindoll or read one of his books, you know he has a way of communicating truth in a plain and attractive way. He’s always Biblical and insightful. He also knows how to use a few great stories and penetrating quotes to drive home his point.

For a story, try this one:

“Many years ago, Felix of Nola was escaping his enemies, and he, too, took temporary refuge in a cave. He had scarcely entered the opening of the cave before a spider began to weave its web across the small opening. With remarkable speed, the insect completely sealed off the mouth of the cave with an intricate web, giving the appearance that the cave had not been entered for many weeks. As Felix’s pursuers passed by, they saw the web and didn’t even bother to look inside. Later, as the godly fugitive stepped out into the sunlight, he uttered these insightful words, “Where God is, a spider’s web is a wall; where He is not a wall is but a spider’s web.”

For a quote, reflect on this one by Augustine:

“We count on God’s mercy for our past mistakes, we count on God’s love for our present needs, but we count on God’s sovereignty for the future.”

For a pithy Swindollism, check out this one:

“Trusting God doesn’t alter our circumstances. Perfect trust in Him changes us.”

Here’s another one:

“When God says no to your wants, but yes to your needs, you are wonderfully contented.”

I like this one, too:

“Since He took care of our greatest need at Calvary by giving us Christ, then you can be sure He will take care of everything else He considers important for us.”

This last quote is a great summary of the whole book:

“It makes a tremendous difference in life when we realize that we are not sovereign over our lives, nor are we expected to be – God is. God alone. We need to come to a place where we resign ourselves to our sovereign God. And when we do embrace God’s sovereignty, we find that confidence increases, insecurities fade, worries decrease, and calmness replaces striving.”



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