Pray for Missionary Children

Job Aid
  • Approximate Time Commitment: 3 minutes
  • Labels: Free

Pray for Missionary Children was originally taken from Send International. This resource is a list of things to pray for each day for missionary children around the world.

Partner: SEND International

Resource Description


Spiritual Life – Sunday

Personal relationship with Christ independent of their parents
Commitment to serve Christ daily
An integrated biblical worldview

Materialism – Monday

Healthy, scriptural view of wealth and poverty
Contentment and gratefulness for God’s provision
Eternal rather than temporal thinking
Daily trust in the Lord’s ability to provide all they need

Transitions – Tuesday

Fun and lasting friendships despite changes
Trust in and reliance on God during transition
Flexibility and social skills
Adequate and appropriate educational opportunities
Ability to adjust to home culture after high school

Witness – Wednesday

Grace to handle being observed
Protection from enticement of host culture
Discernment and strength when facing temptation
Love for the people in host and home culture
Upright behavior

Thirst – Thursday

Recognition of their own need for spiritual growth
Thirst for a deeper relationship with Christ
Hunger for His truth found in Scripture
Pursuit of excellence and holiness

Family – Friday

Honest and joyful relationships with parents
Balance between ministry and family
Appreciation for their parents’ ministry
Other adults to encourage and guide them
Connection with extended family despite distance

Safety – Saturday

Emotional dependence on God’s protection
Rest in God’s sovereignty
Protection, health and safety
Absence of fear
Awareness of potential dangers


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