A Story of Pregnancy and Faith: In hope of what we cannot see

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A Story of Pregnancy and Faith: In hope of what we cannot see by Dorette Skinner is about the authors personal experience with pregnancy as a missionary. This book is good for women who are going into the mission field and are planning on having kids. 

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Partner: Velvet Ashes

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If I could write a message to every pregnant woman in the world, I would write the same words I so desperately needed to hear… You are not alone. 

Pregnancy involves so much more than the stretching of our bodies for new life to grow. As Dorette discovered, all the books and advice in the world could never truly prepare her for her own journey of pregnancy and faith. On fire for God, she went to Asia with a desire to do more with her life, only to discover bringing life into the world would be one of the biggest challenges she would ever face.

As she wrestled with morning sickness, unpredictable hormones, and adjusting to a new culture far from home, she learned plans do not always go the way we hope, nor can we ever know what God has in store for those who follow His call.

Ultimately, the loneliness Dorette felt during her two pregnancies led to her realization that no matter how different our stories may be, we all chase after the same questions, harbor self-doubts, and battle similar fears. And in the end, it is a shared hope in what we cannot see that unites us more than we realize.


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