6 Ways to Reach God’s World – Welcome

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Most people in missions circles are familiar with the terms “praying”, “giving”, and “going”. Recently, however, there has been a lot of buzz about diaspora missions and the role of “welcoming” when it comes to completing the Great Commission. The book, You Don’t Have to Cross the Ocean to Reach the World: The Power of Local Cross-Cultural Ministry, gives an interesting historical perspective about how the Good News of the kingdom has generally spread through bilingual, bicultural people. What if along with sending our missionaries and going to the ends of the earth, we also made a significant effort to “welcome” and attempt to make disciples of the many foreigners and diaspora peoples that are coming to our country. A lot of these people have extended families (oikos) back in their native countries and the Good News of Christ might spread more rapidly back to their own people via technology (phones and internet) or as they return home if we can reach out and make disciples here.

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