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  • Approximate Time Commitment: 20 hours
  • Format(s): Online Course - Individual
  • Length: 30 Days

We are delighted to provide this asynchronous, self-directed course to help you better connect with SEND International. SEND’s leadership believes that it is vital that all SEND staff thoroughly understand the organization’s values, mission, and overall strategies. This onboarding course is specifically designed for those who work as staff in one of our offices, but have not gone through the full Member Orientation Program (MOP 202 or MOP 202V). We all want to be passionately committed to mobilizing God’s people and engaging the unreached to establish reproducing churches, so understanding why and how we do what we do is vital for each one of us.

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Resource Description

SEND Core is a set of standard onboarding materials that represent the core of SEND’s cross-cultural training. This training material is a collection of readings, videos, reflections, and quizzes from various fields of SEND International. Each module was developed by an expert in that field and facilitated by SEND U staff.

You will learn about SEND in this self-paced, asynchronous, course individually or in a group. The course is offered throughout the year. Once you start the course, we would ask that you complete all assignments within one month of beginning the course.

SEND Core is for:

  • All new full-time staff working in the SEND sending offices not going through the full SEND Membership Orientation Program (MOP).
  • Those who were hired after in one of the sending offices or the International Office after January 1, 2017, are encouraged to go through SEND Core (on paid time).
  • Those who work in the sending offices of our partner organizations are encouraged to go through SEND Core.
  • Mobilizers and member care coaches would be strongly encouraged to go through SEND Core if they have not gone through MOP 202 or MOP 202V.

The following 14 topics are covered in SEND Core:

  1. SEND’s Values
  2. SEND’s Organizational Structure
  3. SEND Mission Statement:  Mobilize
  4. SEND Mission Statement:  Engage
  5. SEND Mission Statement:  Establish
  6. SEND’s commitment to Working with the National Church
  7. SEND’s commitment to Teaming
  8. SEND’s commitment to Intercultural Teaming
  9. SEND’s commitment to Lifelong Learning
  10. SEND’s commitment to Data Security
  11. SEND’ commitment and policies related to Safety & Security
  12. SEND’s Child Protection Policy
  13. SEND’s philosophy and ministry strategies for Church Planting
  14. SEND’s philosophy and methodologies for Disciple-Making

These topics present the core of who we are, and our commitment to serving together. The fourteen topics listed above are not sending-area specific, but are part of the Member Orientation Program (MOP) training for all SEND members and partners.


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