Spiritual Warfare – the Super and the Natural

Online Course - Group
  • Approximate Time Commitment: 5 hours
  • Length: 1 week

The Christian life is a wartime life. Spiritual battles are waged every day, all around us, whether we live and minister in the land of our birth or in a new place that is unfamiliar and disorienting. As you venture into your new place, the reality of this war often becomes more evident. Now that you see it, will you take up your part in the battle and serve as faithfully and bravely as you can?

Spiritual Warfare – the Super and the Natural is a one-week online course designed to give you tools for faithful participation in spiritual battle.

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Resource Description

Spiritual Warfare – the Super and the Natural is a one-week Grow2Serve online course designed to help you more victoriously engage in the spiritual battle that daily hinders our lives and ministries. The course asks you to invest 4-6 hours of learning time over an 8-day period.

Cross-cultural Gospel ministry brings you into a context that is new and unfamiliar. And the adjustments that you will need to make don’t involve just the physical aspects of life and ministry, but the spiritual as well. The troubles of life and the spiritual warfare that rages every day is not unlike what was experienced in your home culture, but the form of the battle is undoubtedly different. You may have missed it before launching into your new life in this new place, but now, as you see life through fresh eyes, your awareness of the battle will probably go up. Will you also engage in the fight on a new and more victorious level?

Spiritual Warfare – the Super and the Natural breaks this topic of daily practicality down into three big ideas:

  1. The spiritual world, the Holy Spirit, and the reality we live
  2. The battle
  3. The path to victory

How are you doing in the battle? Don’t go it alone! Many have already trod this pathway and offer help and suggestions. Many are in the same stage of the journey as you, and perhaps you can lean on each other.

As a result of participating actively in the course, by the end you should…

  • Have a renewed clarity about the role of the Holy Spirit in life and ministry.
  • Be able to examine yourself for actions, values and beliefs that may expose an underlying worldview that excludes the role of the non-material.
  • Know that there are different sources of troubles in life — physical, psychological, social and spiritual
  • Remember that every day and everywhere spiritual warfare is taking place — whether it takes on a sensational form or not.
  • Embrace the truth that spiritual warfare can take the form of attacks from the World, the flesh, or the Devil (and his cohort).
  • Understand some basic concepts of the supernatural world including authority, principalities, and manifestations.
  • Understand that victory in spiritual warfare necessitates identifying the enemy and employing the right weapon to combat the attack.
  • Engage confidently the weapons of spiritual warfare that are already in your possession and fully at your disposal.

Content, Community, Consultation, Connections

Spiritual Warfare – the Super and the Natural  will afford you not just the opportunity to explore some interesting information regarding your participation in spiritual warfare, but, more importantly, it will connect you with others who are in a similar life stage. You’ll be able to help each other and learn from one another. Your course facilitator will also be a great resource for clarifying what you are learning and for providing input on your course assignments and group discussions.

Is this Course for Me?

Spiritual Warfare – the Super and the Natural is designed for those who have already lived and ministered for at least 3 months in a culture new and unfamiliar and who are committed to fully placing themselves into God’s hands for the sake of effective cross-cultural Gospel ministry. Participants may or may not have received training regarding spiritual warfare before deploying to their place of service. If you are currently engaged in cross-cultural ministry and are committed to living and serving well in your context, this would be a good course for you.

Learn with those who have been there!

Course creators and facilitators are Mark & Julie Morgenstern. Mark is the former training director for ReachGlobal and currently serves as the director for continuing learning through the CIT Next ministry of Center for Intercultural Training. Julie is the operations director for Grow2Serve. Julie formerly served as a church-planter and pre-field training leader with ReachGlobal and in several senior leadership roles at South Suburban Evangelical Free Church.  Mark and Julie spent 13 years in Russia and Ukraine starting new churches and equipping local people for ministry.

Please note that for maximum learning impact in this course, a participant will ideally spend 30–90 minutes daily (Monday–Friday) working on the material. Some of the coursework will involve reading, writing, listening, and viewing videos on the computer. Other pieces will involve practicing the skills you are learning by interacting with your facilitator and other learners, and by engaging in your local community.

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