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This space right here?  It’s called The Grove.  And it’s our gathering place.

Each week beginning Thursdays at 6pm EST we circle up here from all corners of the globe.

We have a weekly theme at Velvet Ashes that our blog posts center on. Let the word rumble around in you, see what God says to you.  Then share with us here at the The Grove.

One of Velvet Ashes’ editors wraps up the week with a post, and then it’s your turn.

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There are three ways to share at The Grove:

  1. Instagram – use the hashtag #velvetashes + theme of the week. Example:  If the week’s theme is “peace” then any time that week use#velvetashespeace on your image. All images with that hashtag will appear in The Grove post. We’ll choose a favorite and repost it on Velvet Ashes’ Instagram account and feature it in our weekend “Have You Seen?” post.
  2.  Your own blog post – write a post on your blog that’s prompted by the week’s theme and link up at the bottom of The Grove post. See instructions below.
  3. Comment – We want to hear all your thoughts about the week’s theme in the comments. Not an Instagram user? You can share images directly in the comments.

God does amazing things as we journey together theme by theme. Join us!

How to link up your blog posts

  1.  The Grove post goes live Thursday at 6pm.  To get the most exposure, we recommend linking up soon after that time.
  2. In your blog post, be sure to note that you’re linking up with Velvet Ashes, and link to
  3. At the bottom of each Grove post, you’ll see a blue “Add your link” button.  Click on it and follow the steps to add your blog post link.
  4. Select an image to go with your link, and you’re all set!  Your image and link will appear in The Grove post.
  5. The most important thing when linking up your blog post is to go and share some comment love with AT LEAST one other blog link up.  It’s the rule!  We applaud and encourage brave storytelling around here.


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