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Touching the Soul of Islam


Touching the Soul of Islam by Bill Musk is about the honor shame in Islam cultures. This book was recommended by HonorShame and can be found on amazon or other book store locations.

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‘The honourishame tension is central to the manner in which many Muslim cultures cohere – but is fundamentally alien to the way that most Westerners function.’ With this pointed observation Bill Musk starts his readers on a quest to grasp the essential differences between Muslim cultures and the Western world view. We must shed negative stereotypes, and the resulting prejudice, if we wish to gain a hearing for the gospel. Dr Musk investigates a number of key themes, including male and female, family and individual, honour and shame, hospitality and violence. In each case, he draws upon his wide personal experience to show how Muslims view such matters: the book is studded with illuminating stories. This new edition follows the structure of the earlier book, while investigating these themes in greater depth and bringing the whole up to date.


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