Wacky Wednesday

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  • Approximate Time Commitment: 30 minutes

This family discussion guide is part of our series of Family Discussion Guides of Books to Read with Your TCKs. This book, Wacky Wednesday, is a great tool for discussing the differences between your home culture and the culture you will be moving to. 

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Resource Description

Below you can find an activity to use along with the book.

Before reading, you can say…

When you live in a foreign country, things might seem weird and wacky to you. If things are different, does that mean it’s bad or wrong?

Let’s look for all the wacky things that happen to the young boy in this story.

After reading, you can discuss…

Do you think the boy was ever frightened, confused, sad, happy?

Do you think you will ever have a “Wacky Wednesday” where you are living now?

Give “wacky” names to the rest of the days of the week, like Freaky Friday.


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