Is there any way other than begging for support?

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Do you have questions about raising financial support? Do you need a change in perspective? If so, this is one of the top 10 questions asked on “Is there any way other than begging for support?” Click the button to read this article with answers from missionaries.


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This article addresses the question, “Is there any way other than begging for support?” Several missionaries answer this question.

The first step is to pray, but this article is a good starting place if you’re curious about the answer to this question and want to be referred to some other resources.
Below are some initial statements from missionaries. Click on the button “Get this resource” to read the article and get their full answers. 

“Consider tentmaking or business-as-mission.”

Answer from Jack Voelkel, missionary-in-residence with the Urbana Student Mission Convention (originally published on the Urbana website). Previously, Jack served thirty years with Latin America Mission in Peru and Columbia. Find other answers and articles from Jack and others on the Urbana blog.

“I too thought it was begging, at first.”

Answer from John, who has served in Japan for nine years with SEND International.

“Find a good sending church.”

Answer from Jonathan, who has served in Russia and the Ukraine and is part of the Gospel Lilypad Project.

“Humbly depend only on the Provider.”

Answer from Moises, a Mexican mobilizing Mexicans and Spanish-speaking churches. He has served with OC International and the U.S. Center for World Mission (now Frontier Ventures).

“Adjust your attitude.”

Answer from Karen, who served in Ecuador for eleven years with what is now HCJB Global.

“For one-time expenses, try ‘crowd funding.'”

Answer from Patrick in Kentucky.

“Join the military first and retire early.”

Answer from L. R. who has served in Vietnam and Guatemala for ten years.

“Find an organization with centralized funding.”

Answer from Rick, who has served with Christian and Missionary Alliance in Indonesia and Malaysia for more than twenty years.

“Learn what biblical partnership development is all about.”

Answer from David, who works for Kingdom Come Training and served with Youth for Christ for eight years.


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