We Are Not the Hero Online Course (Copy)

Online Course - Group
  • Strategies for multiplying disciples through the lens of local dignity and sustainability
  • Facilitated course
  • 3-5 hours per week commitment, a lifetime of best practice
  • 8 weeks of discovery and learning together
  • A mix of reading the book, watching videos, forums, and zoom calls

In this course, you’ll gain the insights you desperately need to create a culture of dignity, sustainability, and multiplication for the sake of those you serve.

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Resource Description

It’s amazing how determined we can be to share the gospel, make disciples, and plant churches among the nations, and yet at the same time unknowingly erect barriers to that end goal. With this in mind, the We Are Not The Hero Online Course will give you the practical insight in how to maximize your potential to create a culture of sustainability and multiplication.

This is an 8-week online course (3 – 5 hours per week), which includes reading the book We Are Not The Hero, interacting with others about the content via forums, and a weekly group zoom call. The cross-pollination that occurs in this course with the other participants will be a source of ideas, encouragement, and community.

When you incorporate the We Are Not The Hero principles and practices of indigeneity, sustainability, and multiplication in your Great Commission efforts, those you serve will thrive and multiply based on their God-given potential. Course registration includes a digital copy of the book, “We Are Not The Hero.”

Join us—and better yet, gather your friends and colleagues! Groups of 3 or more receive a 30% discount ($87.50 per person). Please contact Dan Carl at dan@fivestonesglobal.org for questions and to receive your group discount code.

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