How can I know if God is leading me to become a missionary?

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Do you wonder what people might ask a missionary? If so, this is one of the top 10 questions asked on “How can I know if God is leading me to become a missionary?” Click the button to read this article with answers from missionaries.


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This article addresses the question, “How can I know if God is leading me to become a missionary?” Several missionaries answer this question. Read answers from missionaries and those serving as senders. 
The first step is to pray, but this article is a good starting place if you’re curious about the answer to this question. Jesus gave His church the Great Commission. Every disciple of Christ is to engage in His Great Commission. Speak with your church, missionaries, and/or a missions agency if you want to better understand God’s calling on your life and whether God is sending you as a cross-cultural witness. 
Below are some initial statements from missionaries. Click on the button “Get this resource” to read the article and get their full answers. 
“Let God take you through the process he has for you.”
Answer from Jack Voelkel, missionary-in-residence with the Urbana Student Mission Convention (originally published on the Urbana website). Previously, Jack served thirty years with Latin America Mission in Peru and Columbia. Find other answers and articles from Jack and others on the Urbana blog.

“It was a process of going forward, open for God to do anything he wanted in my life.”

Answer from

“Stay close to God and trust him to lead in unmistakable ways.”

Answer from Mark, who served with Pioneer Bible Translators in Zaire. Later, he served as a professor at Nebraska Christian College.

“Ask yourself the hard questions.”

Answer from Elisabeth Elliot, who worked with her husband Jim Elliot on translating the New Testament into the language of the Quichua Indians in Ecuador. Later, as a widow, she lived and worked among the Aucas.

“Consider the different ways that God leads different people.”

Answer from Bill Taylor, veteran missionary from Central America who also grew up on the mission field and co-author of Send Me! Your Journey to the Nations. Here are excerpts from that book.

“Ask God, explore options, and rest in him.”

Answer from Kari, a Missouri Synod Lutheran church planter who has served Vietnamese immigrants in St. Louis for fourteen years.

“Don’t wait for complete confirmation. Step out in faith.”

Answer from Juhani and his wife Sari, from Finland.

“Recognize the need. Realize that God has especially equipped you.”

Answer from David, who served eleven years at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya with World Medical Mission. David serves as CEO of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations.

“Ask God to use you and watch him open doors.”

Answer from David, director of mobilization with WEC International. David has been a missionary for twenty-five years as a field worker in West Africa and at the WEC USA headquarters.


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