Foster Movement – Episode 6: When You Can’t Turn Away

  • Approximate Time Commitment: 30 minutes
  • Partner: Christian Alliance for Orphans

Kevin Bueker lived in a middle-upper class family in a nice home, but behind the pristine doors of this ideal world, he was suffering unimaginable physical and emotional abuse. By the time he was in the eighth grade, Kevin found himself kicked out of his home and on the streets wandering his neighborhood. He would sleep at night in the tube slide at the neighborhood park . . . until a friend and his mom stepped in. Kevin’s amazing journey led him to his faith and to stepping into the lives of kids who have experienced the same things he has.

We then hear from Pr. Robert Gelinas, whose church in Colorado was confronted with the reality of hundreds of kids waiting for homes. They decided they could no longer stand by and do nothing. Pr. Gelinas’ powerful message reminds us of where to look when we can no longer look away.

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Partner: Christian Alliance for Orphans

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