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Online Course - Group
  • Approximate Time Commitment: 25 hours
  • Length: 4 weeks

Are you expecting someone new on your missionary team? How did it go for you when you were new on the field? Do you want to do better in orienting and equipping your new team member for a future of long, healthy and fruitful ministry? In this online course, you will have the opportunity to learn with and from other field leaders from all over the world who are experiencing this same challenge that you will soon face. Read more in the course description below!

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Resource Description

Onboarding 101
Time invested now for a lifetime of fruitful ministry!

Is it possible that my success in connecting new staff to context, ministry, and team will mean their success in fulfilling the calling for which they have been sent?  This is the thesis that is explored in this 4-week online course offered by Grow2Serve.

Audience: team/field leaders who will be integrating new team member(s) onto the field in the next 6 months or less.

Time commitment involved: 4 weeks of 6 hours per week. During the first week of the four-week course, an additional hour of course orientation material will be presented.

Course creator and facilitator: Mark Morgenstern, former training director for ReachGlobal and current director for continuing learning through the CIT Next ministry of Center for Intercultural Training.

Please note that for maximum learning impact in this course, a learner will spend 30-90 minutes working on the course material over 4-5 separate days each week. Some of the course work will involve reading, writing, listening, and watching on the computer. Other pieces will involve interacting with others in your location or spending time in personal reflection, prayer, or Bible study.

Topics covered are the following:

  1. What is my job as a supervisor?
  2.  Connecting to the context.
  3. Connecting to the team.
  4. Connecting to the ministry.
  5. Setting up for ongoing learning.
  6. What now? Tools and commitment for results.

Join a learning cohort of other missionary field leaders and together explore the process of onboarding new missionaries and laying the foundation for them to have a lengthy, healthy, and fruitful season of ministry.


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