Evangelical Missions Quarterly: Volume 49 Issue 4


The Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ) is a professional journal serving the worldwide missions community and is the newest resource of Missio Nexus. This is Volume 49 issue 4 of EMQ released in October of 2013. This topic for this EMQ is The Ethics of Missionary Dissimulation and Subterfuge.


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Table of Contents:

A Second Look: Modern Slavery? By Gary Corwin

In the 20/30 Gap: Biblical Storying with Post-Christian Generations By Anna Rapa

Voices in the Local Church: Embracing the Nations: The Calvary Story By Sam Owusu

Excellence in Missions: Nurturing an Organizational Culture with a Developmental Bias By Steve Hoke

The Existence of Witchcraft in Africa: Continuing the Discussion By Tim Stabell, with response by Jim Harries

An ongoing discussion of witchcraft, common reactions, and what a Christian response entails.

Evil Eye: Ancient, Yet Contemporary Phenomenon and a Biblical Response By David Allen Bledsoe

An overview of the evil eye and three gospel-based truths to encourage those who fear it.

“Shrewd as a Snake, Innocent as a Dove”: The Ethics of Missionary Dissimulation and Subterfuge By Larry Poston

Macro and micro ethical issues of tentmaking, contextualization, and contextual movements among Messianic Jews and Muslims.

Vitality of Spiritual Retreat for Those Who Minister By Marla Campbell

The study of rest and Sabbath necessitates not only research for validation, but more importantly, a qualitative approach steeped in experiential learning and practice.

Re-imaging Medical Missions: Results of the PRISM Survey By Mark Strand, with John Melinger, Tina Slusher, Alice Chen, and Allen Pelletier

Comprehensive survey of potential medical missionaries reveals significant challenges in the days to come.

A Cross-cultural Missional Life in Three Stages By Les Cowan

A practical, three-stage checklist that workers in transition might use as a way of identifying where they are and what lies ahead.

The Power of Diversity in Global Missions By Victor H. Cuartas

A broad look at ethnic and cultural diversity, principles in relation to diversity, and challenges for those in global settings today.

Consuming Peanuts in the USA and in India: Reflecting on the Controversy over Insider Movements By Joshua Iyadurai

The gospel is not a product; it is a person—Jesus. What does this mean to workers from the West trying to share the gospel with those from Muslim backgrounds?

All in the Family: Nepotism & Mission? By Karen L. H. Shaw

Is nepotism good or bad? A look at the practical issues and what the Bible has to say about the topic.

Catch Me if I Fall: Premature Departure from the Field By Becky Thorson

A guide to help agencies and churches make decisions and plan for contingencies when workers may need to leave the field early.

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