Evangelical Missions Quarterly: Volume 50 Issue 2


The Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ) is a professional journal serving the worldwide missions community and is the newest resource of Missio Nexus. This is Volume 50 issue 2 of EMQ released April 2014. This topic for this EMQ is Surmounting Community Honor and Islamic Law in Muslim Culture. 


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A Second Look: The God of Islam and the God of the Bible By Gary Corwin

In the 20/30 Gap: Learning Curve in Rwanda: A Long Journey of Transformation By Debby Thomas

From Homogeneous to a Heterogeneous Unit Principle By Erik Hyatt

Excellence in Missions: What Does the Future of the Traditional Mission Agency Look Like? By Eldon Porter

Book Reviews


Surmounting Community Honor and Islamic Law in Muslim Culture By Ron Coody

Church planters must reckon with the problem of how to stimulate Muslims to think creatively outside the boundaries put down by the community.

Seeking Asian-American Theologies By Miriam Adeney with Boon Chayavichitsilp, Jodi Gatlin, Jennifer Gebhart, Megan Hamshar, and Kevin Moxon

A group of graduate students uncover theologies of Asian-Americans at the grassroots level.

Millennials and Mission: Demystifying and Unleashing a Generation By Jim Raymo

Risking, winning, failing, and growing along with the millennials can result in a staggering blessing for the advance of God’s kingdom.

A Closer Look at Adult Children of the Mentally Ill in Missions By Vicki Hornung Reyes

An overview of mental illness and the potential blessings and challenges of having missionaries who come from families with mental illness.

Business as Mission under Scrutiny By Christopher R. Little

If mission historians and theologians are to positively assess Business as Mission, they will need to take into consideration seven cautions.

Mobilization Lessons from the Life of Jesus By Mark Stebbins

In our mobilization, we must have the right foundation laid through depth in God’s word, prayer, and time with people.

Must-haves for Innovation in Missions By Larry B. Jones

Achieving a culture of creativity in the context of missions brings with it significant leadership challenges, but also holds the promise of greater effectiveness.

New Narratives toward a Biblical Response to Animism: Perspective from Church History and Scripture By Kelvin Onongha

The author shares selected scripture passages as heuristic devices to teach lessons relevant to the worldviews of animistic peoples.

Eighteen Leaders Discuss the Mission of Jesus Christ Today By Paul E. Johnson

An interview with some of the top mission leaders about the mission of Jesus in the world today

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