PDF: Engage Your Church

  • Approximate Time Commitment: 1 hour

There is no “script” for how to start and grow an orphan care ministry in your church. No formula. No prescription. Sometimes 1+1=2, and sometimes 1+1=93. Sometimes if you do A then B you get C. Sometimes you get Z. What works for one church might not work for yours, and vice versa. Our goal is not to spend our time looking for a magic bullet, but rather surround ourselves with principles, concepts, practices and resources that we can uniquely adapt and apply in our own ministry contexts. While there is not one thing that universally works in all places, there are principles and approaches that can be universally applied in particular places in unique ways.

In this webinar we will construct a general three-part framework for how you can either a) begin building a new ministry in your church, or b) continue leading and expanding an existing ministry in your church. We’ll explore:

  1. Engaging the CORE of your church.
  2. Engaging the CROWD of your church.
  3. Engaging the COMMUNITY around your church.

This simple three-part approach will establish a grid through which church leaders can begin to unique adapt and apply principles and practices to their own unique contexts. If you are looking for next steps for your ministry, principles and strategies to help it grow and practical resources to serve the people in your church with.

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