Expectations And Burnout: Women Surviving the Great Commission

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Expectations And Burnout*: Women Surviving the Great Commission by Sue Eenigenburg and Robynn Bliss. This book is a guide for women in the missionary field. This book includes research and information along with personal experiences and stories. 

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Partner: Velvet Ashes

Resource Description

Missionary women have high expectations when they respond to God’s call; of themselves, their mission agencies, host cultures, churches, co-workers, and even of God. These expectations are often times impossible to fulfill and can lead to mental and physical exhaustion. Eighty percent of missionary women feel they have come close to burnout, whether they were married or single, traditional or tent making, new or experienced. In Expectations and Burnout: Women Surviving the Great Commission, Sue provides research and surveys from the field while Robynn lends her own personal experiences to demonstrate how burnout can happen and how God can bring life from ashes. Join them as they explore how to develop realistic expectations and yet maintain faith in our sovereign God who continues to accomplish the impossible.


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