Fruitful Practices #6- The Art of Storytelling

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  • Partner: SEND International

More than any other time in history, we are seeing God move in various regions all across the Muslim world. Research has shown that common threads can be traced through various stories of successful church plants in Muslim fields. As we want to see more churches successfully planted, we want to learn from these consistent threads or “fruitful practices.” In the quarterly SEND Hope and Light E-newsletter, we will be introducing eight fruitful practice themes. The sixth theme is The Art of Storytelling. To read more Fruitful Practices

Partner: SEND International

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This is Part 6 of the “Fruitful Practices” series.  If you have missed former articles, we encourage you to follow the link to check them out! The methods highlighted in this series are, by no means, the only way to do ministry among Muslims, but have been found by Kingdom workers to be effective strategies in many Muslim contexts.

The Storyteller’s Bazaar

Everyone loves a good story! Years ago, in Peshawar, Pakistan– a major city on one of the ancient crossroads of Asia– I heard about and visited a market called the “Storyteller’s Bazaar.” I asked the local shopkeepers about this unique name. “Tradition has it,” they told me, “that before there were movies, videos, TV, radio, and even books, travelers would make their way to this market and tell tales of things that were happening in other countries and cities that they had recently visited. In addition, the accounts of local storytellers acted as a sort of collective memory for the community. These local storytellers continuously incorporated new stories into their collections, and repeated them to others as often as possible.


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