Gently Lead Those That Are With Young

  • Approximate Time Commitment: 10 minutes

Are you past the fun and now into the challenges of parenting third culture children? Understanding the life of a Third Culture Kid can be difficult.  This article is one element from the Grow2Serve online course Parenting Third Culture Kids. This course is for parents who have lived and ministered in a culture new and unfamiliar and who are committed to fully placing themselves into God’s hands for the sake of effective cross-cultural Gospel ministry. If you are currently engaged in cross-cultural ministry and are committed to living and serving well as a family in your context, this would be a good course for you.

Parenting Third Culture Kids will afford you the opportunity to explore some interesting information regarding the development of your parenting knowledge, perspectives, and skills while living and serving cross-culturally. But, more importantly, it also will connect you with fellow learners who are in a similar life stage.

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A Life Overseas- Gently Lead Those That Are With Young
A Life Overseas is a blogging community of cross-cultural workers who regularly share their encouraging thoughts on how to live in a healthy and fruitful way. Take a look at Marilyn’s post, paying special attention to the prayer for parents of TCK’s at the bottom:


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