God’s Mission Has an Enemy

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Spiritual Warfare – the Super and the Natural gives you tools for faithful participation in spiritual battle. This article is one element from the CIT Next online course Spiritual Warfare. This article was posted on International Missions Board blog and focuses on 10 facts about spiritual warfare.

The Christian life is a wartime life. Spiritual battles are waged every day, all around us, whether we live and minister in the land of our birth or in a new place that is unfamiliar and disorienting. As you venture into your new place, the reality of this war often becomes more evident. Now that you see it, will you take up your part in the battle and serve as faithfully and bravely as you can? Spiritual Warfare might be the course for you!

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Partner: Grow2Serve

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God’s Mission Has an Enemy: 10 Facts About Spiritual Warfare

  1. The Bible is a book about God, not the devil.
  2. Satan and his forces are real.
  3. Satan, however, is not our biggest problem.
  4. God reigns, even over the enemy.
  5. The enemy we face is a defeated foe.
  6. Warfare is the devil’s attempt to deceive and divide believers.
  7. But we are not on the defensive in this battle.
  8. Satan battles against us because we are God’s witnesses to the world.
  9. The offensive nature of this battle demands evangelism & discipleship.
  10. One of Satan’s subtle strategies is to entice us to operate in our own ability.


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