Green Eggs and Ham

Job Aid
  • Approximate Time Commitment: 20 minutes

This family discussion guide is part of our series of Family Discussion Guides of Books to Read with Your TCKs. This book, Green Eggs and Ham, is a great tool for discussing new experiences and foods that you may come across in your new culture.   

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Resource Description

Below you can find an activity to use along with the book.

Before reading, you can ask…

What is the strangest food you have ever eaten?

Have you ever refused to eat something just because it looked funny?

After reading, you can discuss…

Sam’s friend said he doesn’t like “green eggs and ham.” Had he tasted “green eggs and ham” before?

Sam’s friend decided that it didn’t matter where he was or who he was with, he still wouldn’t like ” green eggs and ham.

What happened when he finally tried the “green eggs and ham”?

What lesson can we learn from Sam and his friend, especially when it comes to new food and new experiences?


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