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Shame and Honor in the Book of Esther


Shame and Honor in the Book of Esther by Timothy S. Laniak is a focused study of honor and shame within the book of Esther. This book was recommended by HonorShame and can be found on Amazon or at other bookstore locations.

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“This book, a study of the anthropological categories of “shame” and “honour” in the Book of Esther, represents an excellent new contribution to the field of Esther studies. It is new because, as Laniak observes, the significance of the categories of “hon our” and “shame” have diminished in the modern west (p.1), and contemporary readers of the Book of Esther may be unaware of the operation of these categories on the plot and characters of the book. Laniak’s book, a basically unrevised form of his 1997 Harvard Divinity School dissertation, sheds important light on this neglected aspect of the Book of Esther” – Sidnie White Crawford


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