Love Your Neighbor Seminar

Classroom Event
  • Length: 1 day
  • Approximate Time Commitment: 10 hours

An in-person seminar; Introduce your Indian neighbors to Jesus in a relational, respectful way.

Partner: Naya Jeevan


Resource Description

Many evangelism seminars aimed at witnessing to “cults” and “false religions” are negative and confrontational. Some contain mostly academic information about a religion with very little emphasis on practical skills or loving the individuals who are created in God’s image. There is too much dependence on memorizing a presentation or going through a booklet, while sharing spiritual truths in natural conversation is neglected. “Love Your Neighbor,” on the other hand, emphasizes relationship building, trust, respect, practical skills, and attracting our Indian friends to Jesus, by sharing what they want to know.

Contact us at to arrange an in-person seminar for your church or group. Various convenient schedules to choose from. We have 10 experienced trainers for North America; others in India, East Africa, UK and (soon) Australia. We will travel as needed to accommodate a group or we can arrange a live-taught webinar. Visit our website


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