Loving Across Languages

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This article was taken from Global Frontier Missions’ blog. This article focuses on the five love languages and how to understand each. Understanding love languages can be helpful for missionaries to show those around them God’s love.

Partner: Global Frontier Missions

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Love is in the air… at least, it is in the grocery store where I can venture past an aisle of chocolates and breeze through balloons and roses on my way to the deli.  I’m not seeing very many expressions of love on social media, though.

We must not take our example from Hallmark or Facebook, but we must turn to Christ.  How are we called by Jesus to love?  He commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves and to do difficult things like loving our enemies.  Christ commanded His disciples to love as He has loved.  Our best example of His sacrificial love is in the way He willingly laid His life down for us.  I don’t see Christians stateside doing this, though there are still many Christians who are being martyred around the world.  We need to look to this sacrificial love and strive towards loving others so deeply. There are also many everyday examples of Christ’s love we can look towards as we learn how to love as He loved.

Either shortly before or just after I was married, I was encouraged to read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  Now you can also get a version for singles, men, military members, children, teenagers, and probably even one for your pets.  I haven’t read all these, but I noticed examples of Jesus demonstrating love in each of these areas were missing from the original.  Maybe the author felt they went without saying, but I feel they’re worth looking at.


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