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Saving God’s Face: A Chinese Contextualization of Salvation through Honor and Shame


Saving Gods’ Face by Jackson Wu is An academic contextualization of Romans and the atonement for Chinese contexts; excellent exegetically and missiologically. This book was recommended by HonorShame and can be found on amazon and other book stores.

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Years ago, the author had a startling realization. Theologians and pastors have long taught on the glory of God and its central importance in the Bible. However, because he was living in East Asia, it also dawned on the author that this sort of talk about God’s glory, praising Him, and magnifying His name was simply another way of talking about honor and shame. When the author looked at most theology and ministry-related books, he found that honor and shame seemed to be treated differently. Anthropologists talked about honor-shame, but theologians largely focused more on legal metaphors. The author could see both themes in Scripture but couldn’t find help as to how to bring them together. This study was developed in order to address this gap and bring those themes together.


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