Second Language Acquisition

Classroom Event
  • Approximate Time Commitment: 85 hours
  • Length: 13 days
  • Dates: Winter 2022 (Feb 6-18), Spring 2022 (Apr 10-22), Summer I 2022 (June 19-July 1), Summer II 2022 (Sept 4-16), Fall 2022 (Oct 30 - Nov 11)

Sharing the gospel cross-culturally and in a second language is no easy task. In this course, you will learn a wide variety of practical skills for successful language learning, including helping you understand your abilities and developing a practical strategy to be an effective communicator of the most important message.

Partner: Center for Intercultural Training

Resource Description

This course introduces a wide variety of skills for successful language learning. Participants will learn principles of effective language learning, practice language learning activities, and train the ears to hear and the mouth to reproduce sounds in other languages. They will learn to become proactive in language learning and acquire resources to help master language learning. Participants will practice language learning methods with native speakers and receive planning guidelines on how best to approach language learning when on the field.

Just for Kids:
For children coming with their parents, CIT offers a program called KIT (Kids’ Intercultural Training). For more information

For course information: 


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