Stewardship of Self for Christian Workers: General Principles

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Brochures in this series contain self-help information for missionaries. Each brochure emphasizes practical things missionaries may do for specific problems in the absence of professional help.

Ideally, one ought to consult a medical professional before making any lifestyle change to ensure that the change will not be detrimental to existing conditions or treatments. However, some Christian workers have limited access to mental health professionals.

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Assuming that you agree that you need to take care of yourself, what are the general means of healing grace, practices that help you take care of yourself? What are the general categories of practices that can be applied to a variety of different challenges or struggles Christian workers have?

Of course, we are assuming that you are making use of the spiritual disciplines that are available to you as a follower of Christ, such as reading the Word, praying, fasting, worshiping with others, serving others, taking communion, and drawing apart for reflection and meditation. Although the primary purpose of these spiritual disciplines is to promote eternal life, they are also are valuable for our lives here on earth. Consistent with Scripture, general revelation (systematic study of God’s creation) shows the following practices valuable in stewardship of self.

Study God’s Word and God’s world

Find out what God has said about your struggle in his Word (his special revelation) by using concordances, commentaries, and other Bible study aids you have available.

In addition, look at what people studying God’s world (natural revelation; Romans 1:20) have found about that challenge by considering material available on the Internet, in books, and through your own observations.

  • The Internet has much information available free of charge. Some of it is worthless, but that found in the .gov and .edu domains is often quite reliable. MEDLINEplus ( is an excellent place to start any search for health-related information.
  • Good books are available, many of them by Christian authors. For example, Christian Counseling: A Comprehensive Guide (Rev. ed.) by Gary R. Collins, (Word Publishing, Dallas, TX) contains more than 700 pages of excellent material for about $20. It is a good source for anyone who wants a clearer understanding of human behavior from a Christian perspective. The book covers personal, developmental, interpersonal, identity, family, and other issues.
  • Study yourself and others. God has given you the capacity to learn about yourself and solve many of your problems by observing yourself and others.


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